December 18, 2011

Green "Meat" Balls

No, YJDKIY didn't use green meat. But I had this idea to make meatballs out of kale. Given that I don't really like meat, this proved a bit of a challenge.

Instead I used MorningStar Farms Meal Starters Grillers Recipe Crumbles.  Basically, I just sauted some onion and garlic with the grillers and then set them aside to cool, Meanwhile, I boiled an entire bunch of kale, torn into tiny pieces. Then I combined the two, plus an egg (egg beaters), breadcrumbs and spices, and rolled into balls. They baked at 375 for about 30-45 minutes until crispy on the outside. Served with marinara sauce over spinach spaghetti.

Food that doesn't photograph well is dead to me though.

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