January 13, 2012

See I told you!

Long week! Blog posts would happen on a much more timely basis if my DSLR had wireless or if my iPhone took better pictures. :P

Last week, YJDKIY fired up the slow cooker for some cabbage & lentil stew.

I love cooking dinner while I do other chores and go about the day, or snooze my face off, but it's rare that I plan enough ahead to do this.

I let the lentils soak for about 30-45 minutes before adding them in.

Other stuff, just chop it up and dump! (onion in the bag) I also added 4 bay leaves, basil, rosemary, pepper, and celery seed for seasoning since I didn't have broth.

All ready to go, on high heat for about 4 hours and low heat for 1 hour.

This was pretty tasty.

Although the other eater thought it needed the addition of Texas Pete! Who really is not from Texas, but just a few miles away in Winston-Salem.

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