January 14, 2012

Sweet Potato Pie

When's the last time you had sweet potato on your pie? Pizza pie that is!

Friday night proved to be another alternative pizza night at casa YJDKIY. This idea came from Pinterest, and while I didn't love it as much as last week's weird, I didn't hate it either.

I made the crust with all whole wheat flour instead of half and half, which made it filling, but also a little tough. A layer of jarred marinara and garlic, sweet potatoes, fresh baby spinach leaves, and topped with cheddar.

The potatoes, local from a Winter Harvest basket a while back, were thinly sliced and microwaved with some garlic olive oil and rosemary for 4 minutes, one minute at a time, just to make sure they were tender. I think steaming them would have been a better option since the micro is so uneven.

Compared to my overloaded veggie pizzas, this could have used more. Of what I'm not sure. Perhaps some goat cheese/feta, I could even see black beans.

Thankfully, melty cheese always makes things delicious, and otherwise it was pretty nutritious.

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