January 7, 2012

Sew What?

My Green Kitchen faces southish, so it gets lots of natural light. It is usually about 5 degrees warmer in there than any other room in the house. While I love this, it is quite the problem when I'm trying to cook and the sun is directly in my eyes. Plus, there's an alleyway back there and it creeps me out to not have the window closed at night.

A week or so ago, I started pinning kitchen curtains, but didn't really love any of them. And then I started pinning fabric, and ordered these three options from fabric.com.

 It would be prudent to note I hate sewing, I strongly dislike having to be precise, and I get frustrated pretty easily with home repair. :P That's when I saw this INGENIOUS idea.

She hotgluded, but I was thinking spray glue. After a minor domestic dispute hanging the hardware, I was on my way. I went with the chevron (surprise), which proved ingenious has it has built-in 1" guide marks for cutting a straight line. Not one measure, straight pin, or stitch...and about 15 minutes...later, I had this (just iPhone pics here...sorry).

Mostly it will be short, which is good for blocking the blinding sun. But it can be pulled long, too.

Only minor problem was failing to allow room for a thicker roll. See that oddly placed light fixture in the middle of the window casing there that prevents any other type of window treatment? Yeah, it gets caught on that.

Since I had a little fabric left, I took apart the existing curtain, and cut it to fit the size of cloth leftover. I used superduper hem tape to finish the ends, left the tabs in place and poof! 15 minutes and done.

So glad I went with the bold graphic!

$7.49 one yard of fabric
$7.99 roller shade
$3.49 hem tape
$.75 hardware
spray adhesive, rod & curtain - reused

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