February 13, 2012

EFSA takes on the Grammys

These left lots to be desired, but I suppose these people aren't really in the business of fashion anyway, so you can't fault them too much?

Steve Martin & Steep Canyon Rangers looked especially cute and very down to earth-like. B+ 

I don't really know what happened to Alison Krauss, at least I think that's her it doesn't really resemble her at all, but for a Grammy pro, she sure missed this boat. The shoes, the dress, the make up, what? And dude, tuck your shirt in. D

A first for Ms. O. LOVE this dress and it fits her perfectly, plus she even chose the perfect skin color to go with it. If we could just do something about that awful hair color this would be a best dressed. As it is,  A-

And in related hair color news. I actually wanted to like this, it looked better in person than in photos. Love the color choice agains the red carpet, but it just didn't jive. C 

See Kelly, this is what you would look like if you fix your hair. Out styled by an older woman! She looks A-mazing.

There is nothing nice to say here so I'll just move on, F

and Kings they are! Love everything about all three. A

I guess this dress is everything about who she is and her music, but for all the metal she took home, I would have liked to have seen a little more effort. It's not bad at all, just boring. B

As much as it pains me, Paris was perfect. Not trashy, not over the top. A

Again, not bad, just boring, and just, why? B

The men of Mumford looked, well, like you would expect them to look. B

Can't say this is boring! But I'm not sure what you can say about it, except, really? F
She looks fantastic. This is how you do plain and simple. A

Love everything about this. A+
Oh wait, that's not Gaga. Halloween? What?
Hrm. As influences on teenage girls go, I'll take this over Nicki Minaj, but bless her heart, someone help Taylor. D 
Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz (I really wanted to type Swiss Beets, but you know this isn't a food post), perfectly paired. A+ for both, and bonus points for coordinating.  
How old is she? Again, looking great. I'm undecided on the matching of hair to attire, although something about her pants was kind of working. So, C, average.

And, even though I was always more of a Madonna fan back in the 20th Century, for good measure:

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