March 5, 2012

Slow Sunday

If Fridays are pizza nights, then Sundays are definitely slow cooker days. It's the only day someone is home all day and you KNOW I wouldn't leave it home alone.

It is SO nice to throw everything in the pot at 11 am and have dinner ready for me at 6 pm.

Plus it means lots of extra natural light for good photos.

I followed this minestrone recipe pretty closely, just used sweet Italian chicken sausage and whole wheat elbows instead.

THIS is unacceptable. I rinse them as much as possible, but there is absolutely no reason eating less than 1/3 a can of *organic* beans should be be 23% of RDA for sodium. For this reason, I often opt for the non-organic "premium" brand in order to get lower sodium.


That was the end of the good-light photos, because it was dark by 6:30 p.m when this finally got served. Only one more week of that!

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