January 7, 2010


When it almost snows in these parts, people get snow fever. Nevermind that it is 41 degrees out. Nevermind that the normally over-zealous weatherlady on channel 12 is only calling for "nothing to a dusting". People go nuts. Will school be canceled? Can I get home before the roads are bad? Do we have milk and bread?

I used to do this with gusto. Ready for the white stuff at any time in any amount. But this winter, which is barely 3 weeks old, not so much. Perhaps its the piles of dirty gray frozen sculpture that have been placed around the city for 2 of those 3 weeks. I thought I lived in the Piedmont of North Carolina. Where 3" of snow falls and everything shuts down for a day, then the sun comes out and its 50 degrees and looks like spring the next day? I'll take 98.7 please*.

*but not that actual temperature...YJDKIY complains about hot weather even more than month old snow!

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