January 16, 2010

Guest Cook

Although YJDKIY didn't make this particular dinner this time, we're allowing a post about it since I have on numerous occasions made this exact meal. AND, it is worth noting I skipped the nasty chain store pizza at work lunch to save up for this, its tastier and a bagillion times healthier.

This is on the quick dinner list when you buy a premade crust (however, Target's Archer Farms Whole Wheat version is down right gross, note for future reference), add a little olive oil, marinara sauce, red onion, black olive, broccoli, garlic, green pepper, (ack we forgot spinach!), pepperoni (yes, it IS the real kind, the turkey kind is just not as good and it has been known to cause YJDKIY tummy aches), mozza and provolone. The guest cook insists that its ok to use the real pepperoni since you're really not eating THAT many. Said guest cook also notes the addition of red pepper flakes makes it even yummier.

Bake on a preheated pizza stone for about 10 minutes and enjoy!

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