January 14, 2010


For the first time in a long time, YJDKIY actually stuck to (sort of, as much as could be expected) a recipe instead of just making it up as I went along. For a first try it turned out pretty darn good, and pretty darn healthy, as Mexican food goes. Of course I didn't measure anything and left out a few of the expensive ingredients, but for the most part, YJDKIY served theppk.com's Potato Kale Enchiladas last night.

Sauted up some onion, tomatoes (left over from Zucchini Stew!), and green chilies with cumin, agave, salt and pepper, and left them to simmer down (now - worth the click).

Boiled a handful of peeled and cubed Yukon golds and prepped the kale (note steaming hot picture, go go iPhone).

While the kale was cooking/steaming with some garlic, used favorite YJDKIY kitchen gadget to puree the enchilada sauce and left it to simmer (and didn't make a mess!).

Mixed a little leftover diced yellow pepper and the Yukons in with the wilted kale. Mash mash.

Added some lime juice and stock (this was the cutest little box of stock ever, I bought it because it was the perfect size at about 3" x 5" x 1").

Heated the corn tortillas in an empty frying pan on high to get them flexy and then dipped into sauce and coated well on both sides (did make a mess, had to call in backup photographer).

Added potato kale mix and rolled them up (surprised at ease; ruled out future career as hand model).

Cheated on the super healthy (except for the corn tortillas) recipe and added some fat with a little extra sharp grated cheddar on top. Baked for 20 mins at 350 and then 5 mins broil on 500.

YUM! Enchiladas are normally dripping with grease from the cheese, not to mention all that cholesterol and dairy. The flavor in the guts of these (I think it was the lime) made me not even miss it. YKDKIY gives this two thumbs up and will definitely make this again! Even if I don't get around to cleaning up anytime soon...
(about 1/3 the mess I made!)

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PS: theppk has fantastic tshirts on Etsy. Note addition to favorite.

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