January 28, 2010

Let me get this straight....

YJDKIY takes this kind of personal based on having just watched Food, Inc., and the geographical proximity to moi.

Monsanto joins research campus | Salisbury, NC - Salisbury Post

The N.C. Research Campus will land its highest profile tenant to date when global agriculture giant Monsanto Company, maker of Roundup, joins the biotechnology campus today.

In Kannapolis, Monsanto will "accelerate development of flavorful, nutritious food" and collaborate to develop "new and improved plant varieties," the company said.


NCRC home page purpose statement:

The NCRC is a one stop destination for excellence in science and wellness, both in the laboratory and beyond.


So, the pesticide company is working on flavorful, nutritious food? Innnnnteresting. And they want to "improve" and create new plant varieties. Greeeaaaat. And they're going to tell me what junk er, nutrients I need *added* to my food. Fantaaaastic. I'm sorry, hasn't the ecosystem been around a longer than Monsanto? Didn't it function just fine until we got in the way?

And NCRC, wellness, huh?

Perhaps this is so revolting after my morning listen of late and what Gary has to say. This article (scroll down to Efficiency Isn't if you are impatient!) is basically a transcript from the book related to Monsanto and the modern agribusiness of genetically modified organisms.

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  1. listed as world's most unethical company...



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