January 6, 2010


What with the dark at 530 and whopping 17 degrees, YJDKIY refused to go to the grocery store for dinner last night. The pickings were slim, but I dug out some frozen tofu (ahem, frozen no less than 4 months ago, I can't believe I actually ate it) and sliced up some onion (would have preferred sweet yellow over red, but alas), green peppers, and garlic. After thawing the tofu in super hot water (that can't be good either), I cubed it and doused with worcestershire and teryaki and sauted on high, which made it slightly (or a lotly) resemble crutons. Served on quick cook brown rice and topped with some melted ooey gooey provolone yummy.

The leftovers will go on a bun, Mellow Mushroom Tofu Hoagie style, but with about 1/10th the greasy slime!

Did you know?
Worcestershire sauce is a fermented liquid condiment flavouring used especially with grilled or barbecued meats. It is also used in cocktails and drinks. First made at 68 Broad Street, Worcester, England, by two dispensing chemists, John Wheeley Lea and William Henry Perrins, the Lea & Perrins brand was commercialised in 1837 and has been produced in the current Midlands Road factory in Worcester since 16 October 1897. It was purchased by H.J. Heinz Company in 2005 who continue to manufacture and market "The Original Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce", under the name Lea & Perrins, Inc., as well as Worcestershire Sauce under their own name and labelling. More from Wiki

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