April 10, 2010


Not the gross vending machine snack. The yummy concoctions from Moosewood and Simply Organic cookbooks.

How many can you find?

I think it might be illegal for me to post that...

Chopped up some cabbage and onion and let it cook forever, added a ton of paprika, pepper and some salt, added no-yolk egg noodles. Sauted kale and yummy chopped up this from Applegate Farms:

And served with a dollop of sour cream! For a vegetarian option, this would totally work with mushrooms. (side note: I really love Applegate Farms and their mission and promises. I never feel guilty buying or eating their products!)

I also may have tried out the applesauce cookies, with half the sugar and whole wheat flour.

They turned out pretty decent, but taste more like oaty biscuits, but we'll pretend that's because they're good for you. And cinnamon-oat is one of my favorite combos!

Combos in this meal: red & green cabbage, cabbage & noodles recipe, chicken & apple sausage, kale & sausage recipe, cinnamon & oat, applesauce & oatmeal recipe, any more?

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