May 23, 2010


YJDKIY has a love/hate relationship with two of my last three meals. Dinner last night was a falafel pita.

I absolutely LOVE restaurant falafel, and while I like the concept and flavor of the box kind at home, I absolutely HATE the consistency and texture. I assume it is because I bake it instead of fry it, but it is so so dry sometime I can hardly eat more than two bites. This time, unlike my last, I loaded with homemade tzatziki using Oikos, and lettuce in hopes of rememdying this, but no, still like shoving a handful of raw flour in my mouth. How do you make falafel yummy?

My second love/hate meal was lunch today. Since we had a ginormous veggie omelet with wheat toast and fruit at the cute cafe in Salisbury, I still wasn't hungry for lunch by the time noonish rolled around. This allowed the perfect opportunity to make use of the crazy Sunday hours at the Y (open @ 1 p.m.). I think I'll stick to the 6 am slot, after walking out into 90 degrees all sweaty and hot myself. All I wanted to eat was a smoothie!

This one contained the kitchen sink! A little (leftover from February) TJ's tart frozen yogurt, a little swoony Food Lion frozen yogurt, some severely freezer burned berries, a small ration of my frozen farmer's market strawberries, a super tiny drizzle of chocolate syrup, a little light Silk, some leftover OJ from breakfast adventure, some cranberry juice, and a handful of raw oats (my condiment of choice lately!).

The flavor was fantastic...but enter the hate. I can't stand digging out (and washing) the blender accessories. I detest trying to get the perfect consistency and I can't stand melted smoothie so I practically have to inhale it to consume before melting occurs. But, oh, I love the taste and it feels so healthy and refreshing!


  1. You can try making falafel from scratch with potatoes and chick peas, better texture, but hard to hold together...

  2. you can clean the blender with the blender! Add clean water and whirrrr, pour out, whirr a little more, then a small amount of detergent and whirrr it clean, rinse and put away!



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