July 1, 2010


YJDKIY is still drooling over the addition of audiobooks to my daily commute! I generally bop around the library website and figure out what I want next, or place a hold on something recommended. But, sometimes I just flip through the shelves and see what's there.

Perhaps because of this, finding an unexpected and promising title such as The School of Essential Ingredients, a first novel by Erica Bauermeister, made me exceptionally giddy.

I wasn't disappointed! Maybe it was just listening to the narrator's sumptuous voice, but the language of the book was a perfect combination of all things literary and culinary. In fact, one Amazon reviewer called it "Literary Food Porn." That is extremely fitting.  The lush food descriptions, rich character development and intertwining of memory and activity kept me eager to get back in the car. That's really saying something! Among the most memorable parts, was the discussion of Thanksgiving dinner and the guest ingredients invited to the table. And, of course, a menu I want to try, starting with pumpkin ravioli.

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