July 7, 2010

Mad Hatter

The news was abuzz with um, news, of the Queen's visit to the UN this week. Her first in over 50 years. While, YJDKIY doesn't really keep up with the Royal news, I was intrigued by her choice of hat for the day.

I'm a little jealous of her rocking that look. It's perfectly stylish and grandmothery at the same time. In fact, as best I could tell, she makes some pretty fancy selections when it comes to the accessory adorning her head when the crown is not!

(LOVE that cream and black one, and the teal...which is your favorite?)

I can't really imagine the average American woman (whatever that is) sporting this as a trend at the next Fashion Week, but I do think it'd be pretty cool for the chapeau to have a heyday sometime soon. Here are some EFSA ones actually on the market courtesy of ShopStyle.

 And, some of my favorite vintage ones from Etsy (click link to see them all)

c. 1960s

c. 1950s (40s?)

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