November 6, 2010

Winter Harvest Week #1

When YJDKIY moved to the Ave in January, one of the first TODO list items was scout out the food scene. First up, grocery stores, followed by restaurants, and then farmer's markets and CSAs. I wasn't able to find one in time to sign up for summer, but then, April the Post published an article that changed everything. This article...about The Bread Riot and their 2010 Farm Tour, which we happily enjoyed. But secretly, I was counting down the days until Winter Harvest CSA sign up (yes, I am a food dork..well, maybe not just *food*!).

Today was it...the first pick up!

For the next 20 weeks, every other week will see a new delivery of fresh, local goods. The cost? About $14.50/week. The best part? I have to walk about 3 blocks to pick up the food on Saturday morning!

Mixed herbs, sweet potatoes, shitake mushrooms, 4 kinds of apples (below!), 2 kinds of greens (Florida broadleaf mustard, and turnip), butternut squash, and pumpkin bread!!

Mmmmmm (can't WAIT to slather this with Justin's chocolate PB!).

Yay! Bring on Winter if this is what we get to eat in return!

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