April 20, 2011

30-Day Challenge: Sun Salutation

Get ready for May! YJDKIY is issuing a 30-day challenge in honor of Spring! 30 days of Sun Salutation B yoga. In case you aren't familiar:

You can download and print that to post somewhere easy to view (image source). If you prefer to follow along with a video for the first couple of times, I've got that covered too:

And finally, here is the CHALLENGE! Every other day, I'm adding one SS to the series, ideally in a row, but we'll see how that goes. So it looks like this:

May 1 - 1
May 2 - 1
May 3 - 2
May 4 - 2
May 5 - 3
and so on, until 
May 31 - 15

I'm sure there are some yoga practitioners out there who would be offended, but for me, this is a nice way to wake up my muscles in the morning, with stretching and strengthening. Join me? Add one a week, or just do one a day!

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