April 21, 2011


New post over at Green Kitchen about the spoils of my Spring CSA from Wild Turkey Farms.

On to the food! Kale, Kielbasa & Barley Soup started off with some diced onion.

Saute that, and add one box of vege broth (low sodium), plus equal amount of water.

Add 3-4 yukon or new potatoes cut up in 1-1.5" pieces. Let it boil. I also added some spices: garlic powder, kosher salt, pepper (ack! we are out of peppercorns!), rosemary, and oregano.

Add large handfuls of torn kale. 

Meanwhile, prepare one cup of barley, and then add that in.

TOTALLY could have used a bigger pot here!

And last ingredient to go in once the potatoes are tender: Tofurky Kielbasa. This tastes nothing like real kielbasa, but it's actually pretty good. Not sure how they get so much flavor in something that is usually not.  Let it simmer for about 8-10 more minutes.


PS: I have a problem with white balance. I really don't like it. I think the warmer toned pictures look much more homey and inviting and delicious, but I know that is not how you are "supposed" to photograph things. (That, and tonight I was cooking in the pitch dark, which hasn't happened sincce at least December). What to do, what to do?

PPS: This peace lily that I've had since 2003 is trying to bloom.

For the first time EVER!

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