April 5, 2011

Scene and...

...well, scene, because you can't really hear the blog. Updates from The Ave:

The flowers are blooming! I think this is the best iris showing yet!

You'd never know its in the ugliest part of the yard. :P

Do you see what I see on that close up? Evil green dust aliens? ME TOO! Hello pollen season. Grrr.

Random flowers from an unlikely subject. Do you know what this is the bloom of?

Some ornamental kale planted in October that was left to do it's thang.

And in other news, these guys are coming along well. They spend about 3 nights a week in their hot house. The other nights they retreat to the top o the fridge because there are things like severe thunderstorms that cause school to be canceled and frost advisories for April 5.

Tray 1

Tray 2

Which is a good thing since we used the last two pesto cubes from last June.

To make this! Pesto gnocchi with roasted red peppers & peas. Hey that recipe matches my kitchen! I digress...

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