July 14, 2011

Israeli Cous Cous & Scallops

The scallops aren't Israeli...they're pretty down home unhealthy American. :P

I love this larger cut of cous cous. In fact, I've been known to buy the prepackaged Near East brand and throw away the 710 mg sodium seasoning pack just for the couses.

But! Finally, I found a box of plain.

Static-y! How can you not love that?!

Just add to boiling water, simmer, and serve.

I mixed a few of flavors in, but didn't measure the Dash. Apparently it's called Mrs. Dash for a reason, and you do not need a Mr. Pour to go with it.

The scallops turned out pretty tasty with a white wine (onion, butter, whole wheat flour, garlic powder) sauce and crunch pankos on top.

But it still wigs me out to eat these. The other eater said they were v. delish though.

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