July 15, 2011

Or-gonzo Take Two

Remember back when I did this? But I still had one major problem, this? After nearly a year of hemming and hawing over how to best organize those shelves and not spend a lot of money on fancy contraptions, or designer IKEA space eaters, I settled on this.

A $4 solution. Each shelf has a tray with certain spices. They're all labeled on the front and top for easy selection.

And then you just slide the tray out (the garlic only fell down because I'd already taken the dash out! It's not like that normally I promise!)

And grab what you need. Woe to the first one who puts a spice in the wrong tray though! It's working pretty well and will be re-useable in other spaces. Mission accomplished. And, because I can't post a post title that without reference to this

you're welcome!

1 comment:

  1. I love the new draw and cook graphics...cool



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