January 16, 2012

Guess what it's time for!

It has been quite a while since YJDKIY did one of these (February 2011!). But last night was the start of award season and today is a holiday, so voila!

Is there a Poehler in there? I can't tell because of the weird gold blob. This wouldn't be half as bad without the sleeves but as it is, total fail. F
This gets an A from head to waist, and feet, but the middle part, well that's a D.

She's so pretty and this is so...weird. It looks like a superhero formal. D 
Love the top hate the bottom. C

Good in theory, bad in execution. With a different, daintier belt, this might be a B. But that thing makes it a C. Actually, D. 

This is the best Ms. Wood has looked in a while, I think. The hair is a little stuffy and some bling would be nice, but solid B+

I have no idea who this is but I like the color and simplicity.  B

Ms. Klum is looking very Malibu Barbi, or maybe Florida Barbie. C

Not one of my favorite choices on her, but her taste is usually impeccable, so we'll give her the benefit of the doubt and go with B.

This is how you wear pink on the red carpet. Lovely complement to her skin and very flattering (didn't she just have a kid?) A

Is she trying out options for her wedding dress? Nothing about this works. D 

An unusual choice, but she pulls it off amazingly. So vintage Hollywood-esque. A

Huh? She looks like Sally Draper at a ballet recital. D

Ms. Kate looks ok, but should keep those shoes hidden. Not bad,  yawn. C

Totally undecided. She usually looks amazing, but I'm just not loving this, too much going on and weird posing, I think. C (again...what's with all these average people?)

I find it funny she's on a fashion show. I can't find anything nice to say about this from head to fish tail. D 

Just no. Another miss for Nic. D

This was even worse from the front - hello Winter Olympics? We have a new figure skating competitor. What happened Lea? D

The older ladies seem to love these ruffley bottoms. I like the color of this with her hair, but something is amis. B

This is ALSO how you do pink. Love every bit of it, as usual. A

Huh. Solid Gold Fever! C

The sweet heart neckline is apparently making the rounds, and this is cute on her. And, the messy fabric bunches at the bottom of the dress match her hair - if that's what she was going for, A. If you ask me, C, but only because you can do better Reese. 

Love everything about these two. Daring color choice but so rocking it, especially the lips. A

Maybe the elder Ms. Osborne could help out her daughter. I actually love this, and love her in it, very appropriate. A

A new one for the red carpet. Bark Plus!

Apparently, having both spent time on the SNL set,  Ms. Fey suffers from the same disease as Ms. Poehler. There are so many reason why this is the wrong choice for her. The dress itself isn't that bad but try again, ok? D

And last but not least, dear Ms. Deschanel. I can't decide on this one. I really want to like it, and I don't think anyone else could have worn it so well, but it's just weird. However, purely on the hair, makeup, jewelry, the neckline, the nails, and the hair (yes again), she gets an A.

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