April 17, 2012

Another Sweet Potato Pie

YJDKIY has tried NUMBEROUS (yes I know, that is a new word) times to make twice baked sweet potatoes. I've now concluded that it is impossible - either the skin gets too loose, the potato isn't fully baked or is too mushy.

So this time, I gave up and made a casserole instead. Baked them for about an hour on 400, then mixed with coconut milk (secret ingredient for all future mashed sweet potatoes!). Meanwhile, I sauted some fresh farmer's market spinach with a LOT of garlic. Mixed that in, and a can of garbanzos for protein. Topped with a layer of some leftover fancy shredded cheese and breadcrumbs and baked for about 30 more minutes. It was sort of the baby food version of this.

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