April 19, 2012

Two Rouxs

I think the correct plural term of roux is actually rousses, or simply just roux. Rouxs is more fun. I digress. Unintentionally, YJDKIY ended up making two back-to-back nights of the creamy-flour mix for two very different meals. I would note, though, both versions are much healthier than one might think a traditional roux would be.

ROUX 1: Garlicky Chicken & Broccoli

For this one, I simply sauted the chicken and broccoli in EVOO with some garlic powder and minced garlic. I melted a little Earth Balance (maybe 1.5 t), mixed in about 1 t of white flour until smooth, and then added about 3/4 c light soy milk, 1/4 c at a time. As I did this, I kept adding in the flour, but kept it pretty thin. Mix in a LOT of garlic powder. Meanwhile, about 1 c basmati rice was cooking. I mixed the roux in with that and tossed with the veggies & chicken. Topped with parmesan, it made excellent leftovers for lunch.

heeeeey honday!

ROUX 2: Three Bean Enchiladas

And the next night, this was in place of the called-for can of cheese soup (I didn't even know such a horrendous-sounding thing exists). Mix one can each of pinto, navy, and kidney beans with 1/2 c each chopped red onion and green pepper. Prepare the roux, starting out the same way, but mix in about 1/2 c grated jack (Ashe Co. Cheese!) and stir until creamy. Mix this into the beans, and add 3 T tomato sauce and a dash of cumin. Warm about 20 corn tortillas in the microwave (5 at a time for 20 seconds with a spritz of water) and fill with bean mix. Top with green enchilada sauce and cheese. Serve over a bed of lettuce. These were pretty good and I'll probably make them again because they're much easier than the PPK ones.

heeeeey callay!

Just for fun, there's also a third roux, but it's actually spelled RUE. They're lovely, and a propos, but wikipedia tells me they do this to your skin:

yikes! But, its also eaten in Ethiopia. How does that work!?

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