July 20, 2010

Open Sesame!

YJDKIY just got the second new fridge. Coincidentally, this week on CBS Sunday Morning, we got to see what's in Mo Rocca's fridge.

Since this fridge will never be this clean or this organized again

I thought we'd take a peek inside!

Fancy Brita filter shelf, lots of Silk (chocolate & original light!), condiments galore, lemon juice, Honey Moons!

Lots of Oikoses, plums, peaches, apple sauce, weggie's PB; cheeses drawer, sandwich thins, cilantro, cauli, egg beaters, long lost tin of tahini; leftover zuc cake, ginormous spinach from Sam's, broccoli, China Grove Silver King corn; veggie drawers overflowing! I think this is a pretty good representation of what YJDKIY eats in a week. Please note lack of products and presence of real food! :)

The freezer on the other hand, is all about some packaged processed goods. Frozen fishes, tofu and meats, frozen veggies, homemade pesto (!),  pierogies, boca burgers, and Lindy's! We need to work on this one. :(

What's in your fridge?

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