November 11, 2010

Winter Harvest Meal #2

Last night's quiche almost didn't happen. But in the end, I rallied and was very well rewarded with possibly the best quiche out of YJDKIY's oven!

Using the turnip greens and shiitakes that arrived last weekend, I sauted a whole red onion in garlic EVOO, then added diced mushrooms.

Don't get any ideas. I still don't like mushrooms, shiitakes just do not taste like mushrooms (or smell like them either!), especially in the middle of something.  After that cooked for several minutes, add diced greens (that ALSO had little prickery things). Seasoned with just a little garlic salt and pepper.

For the quiche guts, 5 REAL eggs (gasp!), some soy milk, 2 T of flour (not measured), and some, kind of a lot of, nutmeg. Plus, the 'make it good' ingredient, 1.5 c of grated extra sharp white cheddar cheese.

Combine everything in a (vegan left over from Earthfare!) piecrust that has already been baking 15 minutes. Baked on 400 for about 30 minutes.

This turned out to be the perfect consistency. I think the addition of flour, which I have never put in the egg mix really made a difference.  YJDKIY will definitely make this again, and possibly add some mean such as sausage or bacon, for some reason, this didn't seem like a recipe that would taste right with tofu!

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