May 1, 2011

The Charlotta Sammie

YJDKIY teased you with this the other day, but I couldn't stop thinking about it, so it made it's way into Friday night dinner! What does that title mean? CLT-A (CLT is the airport code for Charlotte for all you non-locals). Still wondering what that means? Read on...but in reverse order, C is the big reveal!

(on B-bread)
Voila! The Charlotta. 

The lettuce and bread were even local! Wait that cheese looks weird, how'd you do that? Start by thin slicing some provolone (yay we have a slicer now!). And put it on a hot pan. The cheese will start to bubble and then carefully flip it over for just a second. When crispy, transfer to paper towel to soak up grease (and open your windows to ventilate gross smell!). These got a little too crispy, you want a slighty chewy middle for the best taste.

Fakin Bacon!

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