May 7, 2012

When all else fails...

You know what I do when I don't have anything foodie to blog about right? Here's a clue, and another, oh and this one, and STILL another. That just so happens to coincide with the Met Costume Gala (obvi not my photos).
Love the color and the design, Heids...but the hair could use some help. A- 
En Vogue? Not so much, but fine for her I suppose, if you like gold lobster claws or rabbit ears. C

Wouldn't call this Gala attire, but is cute for the somewhere tropical or 1968! D

I want to like this, but I hate the fabric and the cut. That neckline is flattering on exactly one person in the world. D

Of course Mr. Tebow would wear CK. Meh. C 
Love everything about this. Ms. Solange has perfect color, style, and design for the occasion. A+ Best Dressed!

Eat a sandwich Vera. And wash your hair.  At first glance I thought this was someone from the Walking Dead. F Worst Dressed!

No deal Ms. Banks. I think R2D2 ate your dress and burped wrapping paper. But it is unique. D 

Lady Mary looks lovely and quite true to her role. B

Amy Poeler is usually a bit of a disastacular, but this is perfect for the event and she looks great! A

Ms. Messing must have had to dress so frumpy because her show is so awful! F 

Beautiful & boring. C+

And this is how NOT to do yellow. January Jones, I'll say it again, HIRE A NEW STYLIST! F+ (points for trying)

Claire Danes is absolutely beautiful, why she wore this ill fitting house robe is beyond me. With a little tailoring, it would have worked just fine. C-

Her signature color. I could leave the fabric and cut though. C

Swanky! I do normally hate red dresses on the red carpet, but she did it. And, she is that one person for this neckline. A

Rashida is trying to pull a Joan here, I think.  Its sort of working, and I sort of hate it. C

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